Hard Times & Poignant Rhymes | Tamara Barber

Time may heal all wounds, but it leaves interesting scars.

Music gave me a light from all the hurt and pain I had been through. It gave me hope.” -Tamara Barber

Tamara Barber, 21, has seen a lot in her life. Now she’s putting it all into her music.

Omaha R&B singer Tamar Barber knows all about scars. At 21, she’s got more than some twice her age. In and out of foster care from the age of two, abused, and homeless six times “so far,” she knows how to stay on her hustle. 
The 2013 Bryan grad released her first EP, Tamara’s Lyrics, at 19. She can be seen chasing her dreams and moving CDs in front of Homer’s on weekends.She chats up passersby with some of the skill and considerably more charm than a carnival barker (see photos for examples of charm). 

Barber is currently planning a U.S./Australia tour.
Find her her at TamaraBarber402.com, Instagram & Twitter @TamaraBarber402 and just about every other platform as TamaraBarber

Mentors/Influences: Deeja Vado, Bryan “Bizzy B” McCain, Harold Monday and producer Lewade “Big Wade” Milliner.  

Upcoming shows: 

  • Nov. 25 at Soho Lounge, All Black Party 
  • Dec. 7 at Reverb Lounge 
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