Shomari Huggins: Positively Omaha

Shomari Huggins, positively Omaha.

Shomari Huggins is a pretty positive, spiritual force in Omaha… unless the Huskers are disappointing him, then watch out. But even Jesus had his bad days. 

“My story is the story of everyone around me.” -Shomari Huggins

And he is busy writing his story on the lives of his friends, neighbors and youth of Omaha.

As an artist, a senior in communication studies at UNO, a community health/outreach worker with North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Community Free Clinic concerned with Health Disparities, he has more on his resumé than most men his age. He is also a facilitator for an after-school program called Youth Expressions of Health (YEOH), a Health Club at North and Northwest trying to keep kids safe from the personal horrors of STDS running rampant in Omaha. 

A couple of years ago he did a RAP VIDEO to encourage Omaha teens to get tested for STDs.

He played Muñoz/Pancho in the Omaha Comunity Playhouse production of City of Angels, a musical for which he received an award for his debut performance in 2016.

He is a songwriter and vocalist in a band called Wakanda performing in Young Black and Gifted at the Malcolm X Center this Friday. He describes Wakanda as a “creative collective, Jazz fusion music, spreading positive vibes, love & consciousness.”

He’s a member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity which recently hosted the 11th Annual Sleepout for the Homeless on October 20 at Petco on 72nd and Dodge.

Shomari Huggins in Omaha Community Playhouses’s production of City of Angels.

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