Mason Matthews – Voface Magazine

by Greg Jerrett with photos by Mason Matthews/Voface Magazine 

For Mason Matthews, originally of Dallas Texas, photography is a way of life.

“I’m inspired by everything that is art. I see art in people and I capture that moment in my images,” Matthews says. “I strive to tell a story through every image and build people’s confidence through my writing.”

To that end, he started Voface Magazine (Voicing Opinions For All Citizens Everywhere) after graduating from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a degree in psychology.

Innovative, motivational, inspiring and interactive, Voface is an editorial magazine that puts the famous and the average on the same page.

“Voface shines a spotlight on the community and the individuals in it. It shows the whole.”

According to Matthews, who is considering a stint in the military, Voface is a platform to discuss everything from social and economic issues to arts and entertainment.
“Voface is by the people and for the people, locally and abroad. It’s more than just a magazine it’s a movement not only to tell the stories of the people and share information, but to get people involved and start open, honest dialogue about issues and topics affecting and effecting our communities.

Check out Voface online.

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